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The end of 2013 saw our very first cohort of year 12 students finish their schooling at Navigator College and from this the Navigator College Old Scholars was formed in 2014.

The objective of the Old Scholars is to assist previous students to be in touch with classmates, as well as to maintain and strengthen ties between past students and the College.

An annual newsletter “The Southern Scope” has been implemented to be sent out in Term 3 and also be available on the College website. (scroll down). Old Scholars are encouraged to submit articles and photographs and advise us of engagements, marriages, babies and any interesting achievements or news. This is, after all, their newsletter.

Regular reunions are planned, along with invitations to Old Scholars to attend College events. One Year Reunions will be held at the end of each year, to bring together the previous year’s cohort who completed their final year at the College and additional future reunions are intended.

It is our hope that as the College continues to grow we will be able to maintain an ongoing connectedness as well as the strong sense of community with both present and past students, something that we as a College feel is a very important part of our identity.


We invite all Old Scholars contributions and welcome suggestions to help us create a successful and interactive group of Old Scholars.

Make sure you also keep your information up to date so we can continue to communicate with you, please update your details here.


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Issue 1 2014 – Southern Scope Newsletter


For further information please contact:

Navigator College

61 Windsor Road, Port Lincoln SA 5606
E: oldscholars@navigator.sa.edu.au