Navigator Environmental Team set the challenge!

The Navigator College Environmental Team is a bunch of like minded people who met every Wednesday and they do acitivities to help the environment. What they do ranges from learning and designing the new path of the bush block, planting trees, growing gardens, creating composters, finding out knowledge on environmental factors, self examination of how they contribute and what they can do to help raise awareness of environemental factors. It has predominately been Junior Schoolers who are turning up Wednesdays for the team meeting, however the ELC has made some appearances as well as a small group of Middle Schoolers.

This term they have a ‘Plastic Challenge’ that has been given to all the Junior School students.

Each (voluntary) class is counting their plastic non-reusables in their lunch boxes and graphing it to show progress and to keep accountability. The class/es with the least average plastic for the week are given sign to display in their window the following week to show they had the least amount of plastic.

So far it has lead to many more students packing their own lunch boxes to avoid items being wrapped in plastic, as well as, more healthy food being packed. Now we are seeing more lunch boxes being filled with fruit and veggies, crackers and cheese, thus avoiding pre packaged foods in plastic.

Love your work Team Environment!
Super Hero’s of the Junior School, fighting plastic where ever it may fall!