Navigator College – School Hours

As you all are aware the Navigator College day begins at 8:30am when staff finish morning devotion and are required in their classrooms. There is no before school play as staff are not on duty before then. Our culture is important to us and our practice has been to have students walk directly to their classes to begin the day settled and ready for learning.

We remind any parents who may send their children to school before 8:30am that the College is unable to provide supervision for their child/ren before that time. We ask that you make arrangements to have them at school between 8:30am and 8:45am when the College can provide supervision as a part of our duty of care.

To support this policy, Sherpa Kids Port Lincoln is offering a before hours care, starting from 7:30am until 8:45am, including breakfast and incorporating the CCB / CCR funding. These students are supervised until approximately 8:35am when they will be taken to their classes. Please contact Sherpa Kids to enrol in this program.

Please also be reminded that the College does not have supervision on campus after 3:20pm. Sherpa kids also provides out of school hours care after school when the College closes at 3:20pm, until 6:00pm.

We trust the Sherpa Kids before and after school care program is an agreeable option for working parents. We thank you for your support.