Do you know what your child is using Snapchat and/or Facebook for?
Do you know what information they are sharing?
How do I manage devices at home?
How do I know what my child is doing on their device?
These are some of the questions often thrown around by parents.

Did you know almost one in three Australian children are using the Internet between 10pm and midnight?
Did you know it is recommended that screen time stops an hour before bed time to maximise effective sleep?
Did you know that the Australian Government’s eSafety website has a comprehensive suite of resources to support parents with navigating the digital world?
The iParent section is found here:

How can you keep your child safe?
Measures such as making sure that device use happens in an open environment such as the family dinner table can protect your child and promote healthy conversation. We also recommend that at bed time, all devices are left in a central location of the home, as devices in bedrooms can become a temptation to use.

Over the coming weeks, Navigator College will be running Cyber Safety sessions to support students in protecting themselves.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please direct them to James Phillips, ICT Operations and Directions Coordinator, or your child’s Year Level Coordinator.