Music Instrumental Program


Expression of Interest                           

Instrumental tuition is available for a wide range of musical instruments through the Navigator College Instrumental Music Program. Private lessons are provided by visiting instrumental specialist tutors. Any student at the college can take advantage of this program depending on available instrumental tutors, applicant’s age and suitability of the instrument. Students undertaking tuition are strongly encouraged to join an instrumental or vocal ensemble.

Upon receipt of this ‘Expression of Interest’ online form below, families will receive home via their child’s homclass tray:

  • A Music Information Handbook outlining details of payment and procedures for tuition.
  • A Music Tuition Agreement Form.

Instrumental Tuition Options:

Instrumental tuition is available on the following instruments:

Flute, Trumpet, Piano, Percussion (Drum Kit), Voice, Clarinet, Trombone, Strings, Saxophone, Electric Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Instrument Lesson Fee & Instrument Hire Charges:

Instrumental lessons are provided by private instrumental tutors. As such the cost per lesson can vary between tutors. Most tutors charge between $22 and $28 per lesson. It is generally expected that a tutor will deliver 16 lessons per semester, averaging at 8 per term. Therefore, the cost will generally be between $176 and $224 per term ($352 and $448 per semester). Tutors will invoice families directly, and monies are to be paid to the tutor directly also.

Instrumental hire can be facilitated through the College for certain instruments. We are currently working towards a streamlined hire process in order to ensure the most cost effective supply of instruments. More information will follow once the details are confirmed.

Any Further Questions?

Please email if you have any further questions regarding the Instrumental Program.

If you would like to enrol in the program, please complete the form below.


Please use the below website form to register your interest and our faculty coordinator will be in contact with you.