Muroto Visit – Navigator College

We are excited to welcome the 2014 Muroto delegation again this year to Port Lincoln.

They will be spending the day with us this Thursday as part of their 10 day itinery here in Port Lincoln. This is the 23rd year of the exanchange between Muroto and Port Linclon. This year Wilkie Lindsay and her family along with Chelsea Hart and her family our hosting two of the six students. Wilkie was fortunate to be selected to take part in the delegation to Muroto in April this year and Chelsea is currently applying to go to Muroto next year.

On Thursday they will be welcomed at a Junior school assembly and spend time joining in a variety of lessons. This exchange visit is a highlight of the Japanese program each year. The chance to listen to native Japanese speakers, to converse and to develop relationships is an important part of our IB curriculum. We feel priviledged to be part of this wonderful opportunity to strengthen our international connections and broaden our global perspectives, made possible by the Muroto friendship committee.

Sheree Zacher and Fiona Parenta

  • I attended this mornings JS assembly and it was fantastic. Well done Sheree and Fiona for putting this on and what a great experience for all the students.

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