Mrs Zacher goes to Indonesia to teach English!  

For those of you that are not aware, Mrs Zacher (and her family) have just spent 6 weeks in Indonesia teaching English.

“We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to represent our College whilst strengthening our partnership with SMA GKPS Sondi Raya 1 in North Sumatra recently, teaching English. What a privilege it was to be welcomed with open arms into their school, community and church. Their warmth of spirit, generosity of heart and strength in their faith was admirable. The lack of hot water, oven, toilet seat, running water or shower was replaced by an abundance of love shared and treasured memories made. The challenges of language barriers, different climate, food and back to good old chalk boards were what made the trip all the more rewarding. We were reminded of what is possible with so little, how happy you can be without material possessions, and how the power of singing and love of sport brings us together no matter what we look like or where we come from. The students I taught welcomed me into their classrooms and shared with me their dreams and ambitions. They hold high hopes for their future, and their school praise and give thanks every day to Navigator College for our support and presence in their lives and community. English is their ticket to success and with God’s guiding hand and our relationship strengthening, their dreams will become a reality”.   –   Mrs Sheree Zacher, Teacher