Middle & Senior School: Reporting Update


Dear Parents / caregivers,

In striving to provide timely, effective and accessible reporting from the College to parents and students, there are some changes that have been made to the features of the Term 3 reporting cycle. These are the product of consideration of feedback obtained through both surveys of our parent community, as well as reflections by our staff on effective reporting.

This article is designed to make you aware of some changes you will notice

1. More emphasis placed on timely and constructive feedback on assessments.
Feedback most likely to have an impact on outcomes, is that which is timely and accessible. As a result, our staff are committed to providing feedback that is both:
affirming of student achievement and
constructive in providing specific direction for future improvement.

This feedback will be provided via our Managebac site, under the Academics tab in your child’s profile. Please access and discuss this feedback for improvement.

Term 3 assessment grades can be found with this feedback and we encourage students and parents to compare these with End of Semester Reports to track progress against criteria. There will not be an overall MYP grade included in the Term 3 Report PDF.

2. Streamlined PDF Report Structure.
Feedback suggests that in the interim report, the most valued aspect has been the indicators of ‘Student engagement’ in each subject class and Home Group. This term, these have been made the focus of our report, as they reflect most accurately the way in which a student is approaching their learning, managing their time and tasks and applying effort and participation to the learning opportunities offered.

The Term 3 Report is structured in the following manner:

  • Cover page and statement from Head of School
  • Description of assessment: understanding the engagement indicators
  • Summary of engagement and progress grades for Year 11 & 12 Subjects
  • Student reflection on their learning journey

3. Release of reports and opening of PTOnline for booking of interviews will occur simultaneously to better complement one another. This will occur on Wednesday 14th September.

4. Interviews are strongly encouraged and present a more personal way to connect with your child’s teachers. These will be held on Tuesday 20th September and Wednesday 21st September, between the times of 3:30 and 8pm.

Kind regards

Andrew Jericho & Jamie Fewster