WEDNESDAY 29th March 

You are invited to attend the below information sessions for parents/caregivers.  Please RSVP to office@navigator.sa.edu.au before Monday 27th March.

Session 1 – Pedal Prix BBQ and information session
6.00pm – 7.00pm
You are invited to attend a BBQ and information session.

  • What is Pedal Prix
  • What is the commitment/expectation required from parents and students – training sessions etc.
  • Sponsorship
  • Pedal Prix event – Murray Bridge (21st to the 24th September)
  • Costs etc.

Session 2 – Usage of devices
7.00pm – 7.45pm

  • Managing technology at home

Session 3 – Monitoring media
7.45pm – 8.30pm

  • Making smart Media choices for your family. (TV/games/movies/websites/apps/social media/books/music)

More Community Conversation dates to follow next term.


Accessing ManageBac – a quick refresher for parents (15 minutes)

For parents who are new to the school or who would like a refresher and/or help with the following:

  • How to access ManageBac (login details)
  • How to locate and interpret assessment feedback
  • How to locate term/semester reports

Wednesday 29th of March (choice of three sessions)
8.45am – 9am
2.50pm – 3.05pm
5.30pm – 5.45pm