Junior school staff and parents who attended Margaret Menner’s reading workshop were so inspired by her workshop that we would like to show more families how they can inspire their children to become ‘a life-long reader’.

Come and escape the winter cold with a warm coffee and find out how you can improve your children’s reading through this fantastic DVD.

Please note: There will be no Junior school classroom reading on this morning so you can attend this session.

Even if your child is already an excellent reader you will still find this DVD valuable!!


Tuesday September 2nd from 8:45-9:30 in the multipurpose room.

Parent comments you may include:

“I didn’t think I would learn much, but how wrong I was! I was impressed with Margarets knowledge, and loved learning some great reading tips for children of all ages. To be reminded to keep it fun and really help children with comprehension of the story, is fundamental to success’.
“The workshop was fantastic. The strategies we learnt for reading at home as already resulted in positive changes in our household, my son is enjoying reading so much more.”
“What a learning curve! The way Margaret explained how to change the way we help our children read just made sense. It was awesome.”


  • Hi. Thanks for putting this on. I was unable to attend the workshop as we were away, so I’m glad I get to see what it’s all about. It’s in my diary!

    • Hi Kathryn, it is a fantastic DVD and very worth while attending. Glad you’ll be able to make it this time! 🙂

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