The visitors from our sister school in Indonesia, SMA GKPS, have arrived!  They will be here for 4 weeks. There is a female teacher, Apni, and two Year 11 students – Mega, female and Arya, male.  Please make them feel welcome if you see them around the College.

If you would like to host them at all during their time here please contact the front office and speak with Susan Hopping. This could be for one night, a week, and a weekend or just for dinner.

During the visit they will assist in teaching our students Indonesian, observe our teachers educating our students and engage in professional learning they may not otherwise have access to.  It is expected that Apni, the female teacher will be able to return to Pematang Raya and conduct further Professional Development to her teaching peers at SMA GKPS School.  Mega and Arya, the year 11 students, have demonstrated advanced skills in learning the English language, and their visit to Australia will help them to progress their English further.

Whilst our visitors are here in Port Lincoln, they will visit with other schools in the district.