Indonesian visitors touch down in Port Lincoln!

Our Indonesian visitors Jul, Era and Asfeny from our SMA GKPS Partnership School in North Sumatra, have arrived and will be visiting with us for the next 4 weeks.

They have never been to Australia before and are VERY excited and feel extremely privileged to be given this opportunity! Please say hello and make them feel welcome if you see them around the College, they speak very good English and look forward to meeting our community.

They will be observing our curriculum methodology, spending time in classrooms as well as sharing in the way our teachers plan and program for learning. It is hoped this will build enthusiasm in our mission overseas and interest in the Service Learning component of our program.

If your family is interested in spending time with our guests over a day, an evening or a weekend, to share in Australian family culture, please contact Susan Hopping via the front office

Indo visitors 2