IMPORTANT: Middle and Senior School Reporting and Assessment Update

Engaging with the new Middle and Senior School Reporting features

In response to current research and feedback from surveys, we have made some changes to our assessment feedback and reporting structure. The driving purpose behind these changes is to again place the learner at the centre of what we do, and provide feedback in ways that makes the most difference for our students, as well as empowering parents with timely information to best support your child.

You will notice a few key changes:

1. Increase emphasis on quality, timely, continuous assessment reporting
Academic feedback about assessment tasks will make the most difference to a learner when it is constructive, timely and available. Teacher feedback for each assessment will be returned within 2 weeks of the assessment due date, it will provide points to celebrate and areas to improve. This will be available via Managebac, and both students and parents will receive an email with this feedback when feedback is entered.

2. The Term 1 Progress Report has been simplified
The Term 1 Progress Report provides a two page, easy to understand snap-shot of your child’s engagement in school and their learning. This report is supported by opportunity for Parent, Teacher and Student Conferencing.

3. Encouragement for Parent, Teacher and Student Conferencing
We believe the best growth for your child will take place in partnership with both parents and students. We want this relationship to be open, positive and direct. We encourage you to engage in our Term 1 interviews, and extend a warm invitation to our students to be involved in this conference-type opportunity.

4. Culminating Pastoral Semester Comment (End of Semester)
Providing a holistic education means educating the whole person, both academically and pastorally. As well as providing an academic achievement report at the conclusion of the semester, this year we’ll be providing a collaborative pastoral comment. This comment will provide you with the combined view of how your child is growing in their character, relating to others, developing habits, engaging in extracurricular opportunities, as well as offering suggestions of goals for your child to work toward.

We hope that these changes to the reporting process encourage a stronger partnership between students, teachers and parents, and that feedback not only measures achievement but purposefully enhances learning.

Thank you,
Andrew Jericho – Head of Middle School
Jamie Fewster – Head of Senior School