In recent days there have been some serious concerns about traffic flow, parking and student pick-up at the end of the day, particularly at the Windsor Avenue entrance. With the completion of the landscaping project at the front of the school, staff have been asked not to allow students to walk across the road to waiting cars. We ask that parents use the designated pick-up / drop-off zone. We also encourage parents to consider a slightly delayed pick up time, to ease the congestion in the critical period through to about 3:20pm. We particularly want to avoid having an extended line-up of parked cars on the sides of the road in the vicinity of the pick-up zone. Thanks for your support and understanding on this matter.

A reminder also that the College official start time is 8:30am. We are aware of a few situations where parents regularly need to drop-off students earlier than 8:30am. If this is a regular occurrence for you as a family, it is our policy that you register this situation with the Student Services Office. The College provides only a very limited supervision during the period 8:15am – 8:30am in one restricted designated area. Any students arriving before 8:30am are required to report to this designated area in the vicinity of the front of the Multi-purpose Room.

Neville Grieger