IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: Junior School End of Year Service

We have had a overwhelming response with regard to the Junior School End of Year Service this year. We are thrilled that there are so many families keen to see the service, however we have reached capacity (500 seats) at the Nautilus Theatre. As a result have sent a SMS this afternoon asking parents to return any tickets they do not now require, so they can be reissued to those families on the waiting list.

We would appreciate if you do indeed have tickets you do not require that you contact the office immediately.

We have also decided to take action to help those families who have still not reserved seating to offer a Full Dress Rehearsal Matinee on the Wednesday morning the 10th of December. The Matinee service will involve all the components of the evening service, apart from the announcements of the Exhibition awards. We would like to encourage any ticket holders who are not immediate family to attend this Service. Starting time is to be advised on Monday, via a SMS message to the Junior School families. We obviously applaud those of you who are willing to attend this service, which will help to free up seating for the immediate family to attend the evening service that night.

To further elevate the capacity issue for the evening service we also ask that if you have Middle/Senior School children attending the Junior School service we would be most appreciative if you could make other arrangements for them, however we do understand for some this is not suitable.

The Middle/Senior School Service does not have a capacity issue, so if you have a student in Middle/Senior School also I would encourage you to send your special visitors to this service. TICKETS must still be reserved at the front desk for this.

Thank you.