Humanities – Stage 2 Legal Studies

Staff contact
James Phillips


Assumed knowledge or Required/recommended background

Successful completion of Stage 1 Legal Studies.


SACE Credits/Course Length

20 credits (Full Year)


Course outline

Stage 2 Legal Studies provides insight into law making and the processes of dispute resolution, and the administration of justice. Students investigate legal perspectives on contemporary issues in society. They reflect on, and make informed judgments about, strengths and weaknesses of the Australian legal system.  Students consider how, and to what degree, these weaknesses may be remedied.


Course content

The topics studied in Stage 2 Legal Studies are The Australian Legal System, Constitutional Government, Law-Making, and Justice Systems.



Folio Tasks (50% weighting): Six tasks

Inquiry (20% weighting): One task

External Examination (30% weighting): Examination set by the SACE Board.