Humanities – Stage 1 Geography

Staff Contact

Nathan Wohling


Required Background



SACE Credits/Course Length

10 credits – 1 Semester (20 Weeks).  Students can enroll in either 1 or 2 semesters.


Course Outline

Geography focuses on the building a better understanding of our natural and created environment. In Stage 1 Geography students study populations, locally, nationally and globally including the movement of and growth of populations and the consequences of this. Resource use and equity is also examined in light of current world trends. Sustainability of living is a major focus and students are encouraged to look at their own lifestyle and its implications worldwide.


Course Content

  1. Location and distribution
  2. Natural environments at risk
  3. People, resources, and development
  4. Issues for geographers.



  • Skills and Applications task 20%
  • Inquiry 30%
  • Fieldwork 30%
  • Investigation 20%


Skills and application task

  • The skills and application task consists of a 50 minute test on graphing, data analysis and mapping techniques.


  • Students use GIS mapping software geomapper or gapminder to create a map based data display.


  • Students make observations and record data in the field, and identify, select, and critically analyse the field data. This is presented in either a written or oral report.


  • Students outline possible steps leading to more sustainable human and physical environments. They consider and explore a range of perspectives as they develop and state their position on the issue.