Health and Physical Education – Year 10 Physical Education

Staff Contact

Greg Maxfield


Required background

A high level of achievement and commitment in Year 9 Physical Education are pre-requisites for the course. To complete Year 10 Physical Education, students should be competent and interested in a range of sporting activities.



Year 10 Physical Education is a course designed for students to be challenged both physically and throughout the theory components. The course will follow the Australian Curriculum framework, aiming to combine all practical elements with theory based components. The course will progress through theory components of exercise physiology, biomechanics and skill acquisition. Some of the practical components that are offered are: Athletics, Volleyball, Table Tennis, European Handball, Training Programs, Golf, Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Touch Football, depending on the semester chosen. It should be noted that in the second Semester students will be expected to attend a 4 day Bush Walk in the Port Lincoln National Park. Majority of the practical lessons are linked with theory units, aiming to create an interactive learning environment, providing the student with the opportunity to discover and challenge concepts covered.



Practical Activities (3)                            60%

Folio (3 Tasks)                                        40%