Health and Physical Education – Stage 2 Physical Education

Contact Teacher

Greg Maxfield


Required Background

Whilst there are no prerequisites or prior assumed knowledge required for the course, it is beneficial that students enter the course via a satisfactory pass in Stage 1 Physical Education. However, a high level of commitment to Physical Education and activity needs to be maintained and should have been witnessed by previous HPE teachers. Students should be passionate about sporting activities as they are required to participate in a number of different sports. All students completing Stage 2 Physical Education should be able to swim.


SACE Credits/Course Length

20 Credits- full year


Course Content

Stage 2 Physical Education is a course designed for students to be challenged both physically and throughout the theory components. Students need to have a keen interest in the human body and be willing to complete various practical skills. The course includes both theoretical and practical components. Some of the practical components that can be offered are: Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Touch Football, Netball and Kayaking. Students need to have a keen interest in physiological and biomechanical principles, as there are a number of theory tasks included within this program that address these topics. The majority of practical and theory lesson are linked to create an interactive learning environment providing students with the opportunity to discover and challenge the theory based components.



Practical Activity (3 Tasks)                    50%

Folio                                                       20%

Examination (Externally Assessed)      30%


Note: There is a student services fee of approximately $300 for external practicums in this subject.