Happy Holidays!

Practice sensible screen time this holidays.

See our “Helpful tips” (below) for our parents who are looking to reduce screen time during these holidays.

In today’s digital age, technology is an important part of a child’s development so completely banning them from their device will mean they are missing out on a lot, including conversations and communication with their friends. Rather than banning them from using their devices, we suggest setting a screen time limit. Work out what you think is a suitable and healthy amount of time for your child to be on their device per week. Remember that your child may need to use devices for their school homework so only set screen limits on recreational time on their device. Once you have established this, have the conversation with them to discuss why you are implementing a screen limit. There will be others in your child’s friendship group who will not have screen limits set and will be sending messages when they do not have access to their phones.

As you have a break from school life for 2 weeks, our prayer is that you find time to rest and recharge, ready to continue on with the fantastic opportunities that are available in Term 2 and beyond.

Helpful tips to reduce screen time 2019 – click here to download