Year 6/7 Science – How do things grow?

During term 1 in Science, the year 6/7 students have explore the key concept of ‘relationships’, experimenting with various effects on the growth of plants. This has been a hands-on topic, where the students have visited the Science lab and learnt to work safely in practical settings. The students worked in pairs to plan and conduct a scientific experiment, testing natural environmental effects of their choice. They have also looked at some non-natural effects on the environment and discussed sustainability and responsibility. Last week, the students worked in home groups to plant their own vegetable garden plots, choosing vegetables and herbs that they will take care of throughout the year. This will form an ongoing class competition to grow the best produce!


“I enjoyed planting the plants and learnt a lot about graphs and plants.” Indira Sarin, 6/7A

“I’m really excited to see how my kale will grow.” Sarah Bear, 6/7C

“We got to feed our test and controlled bean and radish plants and we go to record how high the plant is and how healthy it is.” Seth Averay, 6/7B

“I really enjoyed growing plants and testing them with my partner.” Nikita Malota, 6/7A

“I have learnt in Science that there are many things that can affect a plant’s growth.” Zach Channon, 6/7C

“My favourite part of the unit was recording my data of how and why my plants grew how they did.” Matilda Arbon, 6/7B

“It is fun in Science. We get to go out in the garden and get dirty!” Sam Griffiths, 6/7A

“I’ve enjoyed planting and getting our garden set up. I like how it is in rows and looks neat and tidy.” Kiarna Lombe, 6/7C

“My favourite part of this experiment was watching how our plants reacted to the variable we gave them and watching the control plant grow.” Ashlyn Skinner, 6/7B