From the Year 4/5 Class

The Year 5’s are now two weeks into their Exhibition Journey. With many different organisations being researched and emotions being experiences, here are some thoughts from the students.

Ema – “So far the exhibition has been quite exiting. Each week we have had to do a journal and answer some questions about how we need help and feel. Last week we had to do a reading task where we had to find something about our organisation then read it and highlight the key words. Then we summarised it in our own words. Some of the tasks and when they are due can sometimes be stressing or fun. We’ve all had our mentor meetings with our mentors last week at some stage. So far we have had lots of fun starting the exhibition”.

Cooper – “In the exhibition I have been searching what the Adelaide Crows rehabilitation process is. I have been researching what they do to help the players who have been injured. I’m feeling good about the exhibition at the moment because I know my topic and have met my mentors”.

Jayden – “I have been feeling excited because this is a new task that I get to do and I have been looking forward to it. I can’t wait to work more with my group and find out more about my organisation”.