Welcome to Term Three, 2015!

We have an action-packed term ahead of us, which will allow us to keep up with the busy minds of our capable young learners and hopefully provide interesting and engaging experiences for them.

Below is a basic outline of what we will be doing this term, along with a few practicalities.

Mrs Sue Hodgeson

We would like to welcome and introduce Mrs Sue Hodgeson to our Year 2/3 team as a temporary substitute teacher for 2/3B, Mrs Higgin’s class. Mrs Susie Higgins is currently on her Honeymoon, and will be joining us again in Week 3. Mrs Hodgeson is an experienced teacher who is very supportive of the students in her care. We are excited to be working with Sue.


This term is not a ‘hat term’, however please ensure that your child has a hat at school because the students need to wear hats when the U.V. is rated 3 or higher. Hopefully we can enjoy seeing some more sunshine this term!


Please return your child’s portfolio by the end of the first week so that Term Three compiling may begin!


The designated homework for this term is as follows:


The students have been issued with a ‘time booklet’. The students are to complete two, 10 minute sessions in this book each week. Please record the date where a child finishes at the end of each session so that we can easily see what was completed for homework and be informed as to the difficulty level for your child. This booklet needs to be completed in order to best facilitate cognitive development. Parent help is welcomed. Please use this book as a teaching tool whenever you have the opportunity. Once this booklet is complete, a new Maths Matrix, relating to 2D shape, will be given to your child, which will cover Maths homework for the remainder of the term. We ask that Time booklets are passed up each Thursday, along with regular homework.


A new Spelling Matrix has been issued. The spelling homework system remains the same as previously, where students are asked to complete two spelling activities a week from this matrix. Please inform us if the spelling activities are too easy or difficult for your child.


The nature of the workplaces inquiry lends itself perfectly to use the knowledge and experience of yourselves to help build a picture for the students. We will be sending home an inquiry-related homework task soon! Whenever additional tasks are set for homework, please be aware that students are still only expected to complete no more than 25 minutes of homework on four nights each week.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind families that we enjoy a fruit break every morning prior to recess time. This gives the students’ brains the healthy lift they need to get through until 11am. Please provide a piece of unprocessed fruit or vegetable for each morning.


Our reading circles and guided reading system will continue in the same manner again this term, as we continue to consolidate specific reading skills and learn the 10 reading strategies defined by Margaret Menner. If you would like more information about these particular strategies, please don’t hesitate to ask us and we can give you a printed description of each strategy.

Morning reading routines will be continuing. We thank you so much for the generous support of parents in helping to hear the students read each morning. The help is something we truly value. If you are available to hear students read in the morning, please drop in prior to 9:05am any reading morning.

Running Record reading assessments, conducted by the class teacher, will continue for each child regularly throughout the term.

Writing Genres

This term the students will explore the non-fiction genre of writing reports as an addendum to our Transdisciplinary Unit of Work places. The students will examine various expressions of reports and as a class we will determine the key components of report writing and develop a scaffold for the students to use when writing their own reports on different topics.

We will study Recount and letter writing this term, but this will be reported on during Term Four.

Along with our Grammar and literacy circles, and in connection with our Transdisciplinary Unit about Myths and Legends, the students will experiment with different forms of poetry.


Our Maths this term will be focussing on continuing with Number skills through mental routines and word problems, Time and weather, 2D shape and measurement and mass and volume. These concepts will be supported in our Mental Computation components also. Chance and data will be incorporated along with the areas it naturally connects with.


This term we are exploring workplaces and how each work place operates within in order to be effective. To support this unit we will invite key people from the community to be guest speakers and we are considering possible places for an excursion.

Following our Workplaces Unit of Inquiry, we will investigate our fourth unit, “Myths and Legends are cultural stories people use to explain and make sense of their world.” This unit will be linked with Japanese and Visual Art.

Christian Studies

In Christian studies this term we will be exploring the concept of Faith. Our central idea for this unit is, “Christians express their faith to know and grow closer to God.” As the central idea suggests, we will be exploring aspects of the Christian Faith. Please let us know if you are able to contribute toward this unit in any way, such as in writing a short testimony, or lending us related items or photos.

Recorder Lessons

The Year 2/3 students will be commencing recorder tuition this term, led by Danton Pearson. We understand that some students already have a recorder at home and that some will need to purchase one. An introductory letter regarding this matter has been sent home today. Please refer to it.

Three Way Conferences

This term, in place of Parent –Teacher Interviews we will be conducting three way conferences with the students involved. More information about this is to follow.

School News

Stay up to date with school events through the school app and newsletters. The details of Stephen Jude’s time away are also shared there. We will offer regular photos and exerts from our 2/3 class events to this page throughout the term.

We love to stay in touch with you and are open and approachable for conversations and queries.

We hope that you have a great term,

Rhianna, Tania and Sue, Year 2/3 Class Teachers.