FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Classes for 2016

We are now at the stage where we begin to consider class placements for 2016. There are many factors that go into placing your child in a specific class. I believe that a happy child learns and therefore I make my decision after discussion with your child’s past and future teachers, based on their social group as well as general gender and group dynamics. It is my belief that if your child is (socially) happy and content, learning naturally occurs. Ordinarily if your child is surrounded by others that make him / her feel safe, he / she is then able to work at school. Of course in all classes at times there are incidents that may result in a clash of personalities. However, the more socially secure child can usually manage the situation easier than the one who feels less confident.

Looking at classes for next year, the social factor is very high on the list, but other factors such as class numbers, gender and siblings need also be considered. If you have any reasonable requests regarding your child’s placement in a class, please make an appointment to see me no later than Friday the 20th of November.  Please note teachers will NOT be deciding on class allocations as it is a Leadership team decision. If you have concerns regarding any staff, I ask that you speak only to me, as unfortunately teacher requests cannot be considered. Our focus is the child and their needs when organising placements. Thank you.

God Bless, Kaye.