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A warm welcome back to all Middle School students. I trust that you have had a wonderful break and are refreshed for Term 2. This term kicks off with some exciting opportunities to build school spirit and camaraderie amongst year levels. Week One see the Year 9’s venture to Adelaide on CityWeek2015. This is always a fantastic time of bonding amongst peers, when individuals realise their own and others ability to thrive in unfamiliar situations and appreciate the gifts and qualities that exist in one another. This trip is a pivotal experience in the growth of our students when the connection between responsibility and privilege becomes quite clear.

On the other end of the spectrum Week 1 also sees the Year 7 students embark on the exciting Aquatics camp to Coffin Bay. Over 3 days the students have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of water sports, growing in their confidence to try new things and explore our amazing creation.

City Week Update:

A fantastic first half of City Week for the Year 9’s. The adventure so far has included The City, Glenelg, The Magistrates and District Courts, Parliament House and Adelaide Oval. The evening have been a lot of fun so far with the Navigator Bowl-Off at Marian Bowland, and some hilarious games back at Warradale Urban Camp. The students are mixing up the groups really well ensuring this is a wonderful experience for every member of the group. As I write the teams are racing against the clock on the Amazing Race using strategy, speed and skill to navigate the locations around Adelaide, from Port Adelaide to Tea Tree Plaza, to Glenelg and crossing the finsh line at Harbour Town. They are sure to be exhausted, but I am confident they’ll have the energy and enthusiasm for Ice Skating… possibly not the grace and coordination though.

Thank you parents for your support and encouragement throughout this trip. A great time being had by all!

Please don’t forget to view the City Week Blog for updates. Lots of photos and comments!!

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