From the Class Carer – Year 2/3 C

Hello Class and Parents, My name is Michael. I am married with two children, Geordy and Thomas. Both our boys attend Navigator College. It is a privilege to have been chosen as class carer for 2/3C for 2015. My family are all teachers. My father is an Anglican Minister and was for many years a teacher and chaplain. I broke the mould by graduating as a Police Officer. I will soon be hanging up my boots after 40 years of policing. The school environment offered at this college provides a great beginning for our children. To be a part of that means a selfless commitment and I look forward to. It is great to see children in the class from past years. I look forward to making this year an enjoyable learning experience for your children. (Navigator College provides the environment that my wife and I want for our children.) Looking forward to meeting you all and helping you in any needs that may arise. Regards, Michael

Year 2-3 c Class Carer