From the Class Carer – Year 1 A

Hi my name is Jess. (AKA ‘Bailey’s mum.)
I enjoy candle lit dinners, fine wine and long walks along the beach.
Actually only two of those are true; really my name is Jess and I’m a serial avoider of personal introductions, who abuses sarcasm and cliches in order to do so.
In all honesty, and for the purpose of this ‘get to know me’ exercise, I’m a mum of four kids; three who are at Navigator (years 1, 4 and 7), and one still in kindy. We’ve been at the school since early 2014, when we moved south from Darwin for my husband’s job. (He’s an oyster farmer.)
In my spare time I study a little bit, freelance a little bit (writing), and waffle on the Internet a whole lot on my person blog, EssentiallyJess. My about page there is about as informative as this.
This year I’m the class carer for Miss Dempsey in 1A, which I’m very excited about. Partly because I really love being able to help in the class and support the school, and partly because I’m finally getting the approval of a Year One teacher for my cutting skills. A commendation that’s been a long time coming.
If you see me come say hi. I promise I’m far less random in person* and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone.


*I cannot vouch for this to be true at all times. But I try.