Free Parenting Workshop – Open to all Port Lincoln Families

Please join us for a ‘Positive Parenting’ workshop with one of Australia’s leading experts in the field, Dr. Justin Coulson.

Monday the 23rd of November
7.00pm to 9.00pm
Held in the Navigator College Senior School

This is an excellent opportunity for parents/caregivers with children of all ages and we welcome all Port Lincoln families to attend.

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  • Is it possible to have the session filmed and available to view via webinar for people and families who live out of port Lincoln? I’m from Elliston and would be interested in a group to watch in Elliston to save 4 hours of night travel.

    • Hi Jessica – thats a fantastic suggestion! I would have to check with Justin to see if this is possible, he may have copy right clauses etc. I will investigate this today and let you know. Thank you 🙂

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