Farewell Messages For Mrs MC

Please leave your farewell messages for Kaye Mathwin-Cox by posting in the “Leave Your Comment” section below. These message will then be approved and viewed by Kaye on her last day with us here at the College.

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Please also join us on Friday the 15th 8.45am to farewell our founding Principal of 7 years, Mrs Kaye Mathwin-Cox in a very special Chapel Service.

  • Dear Kaye, you will be greatly missed. I have appreciated your guidance, patience, wisdom and friendship over the past 7 years. Thank you for all you have done both professionally and personally for me. Looking forward to a catch up in Adelaide, across the road. Disy xx

  • Victoria Mollison

    Dearest Kaye
    Words can’t describe how grateful I am for you and your vision for Navigator college. From the very first year of the college opening you have been there for my oldest Lachie ( a baby back then in year 3), and Darcy and now Ollie who was born in that very first year of Navi’s beginning. Ollie is now part of the college and has had an incredible start to his schooling last year in Reception and this term in year 1. I have been a parent from the days when Navi’s was only small and watched the school grow in so many ways to where it is now. I have felt valued as a parent and enjoyed the closeness of the the school community which has remained even as the school has grown larger. Creating a unique close culture and a special feeling in the school is an incredible gift you have given us and everyone associated with Navigator College; something you don’t see in every school. Your ability to be there for everyone in your school community on a personal level is a credit to you. Thankyou for your dedication and caring nature and best wishes for your future venture: I know you will make a difference in many more families lives and we look forward to hearing all about it.
    Love & best wishes from Vicki Mollison x

  • Kaye, Thank you so much for all you have done for the Navigator College Community. You have been a truly inspirational leader and have set the perfect foundation for us all. You will be missed, but we are excited for you as you embark on your next journey. Best of luck, and thank you once again.
    David & Misty Delaine.

  • Thank you for your hard work and passion in these founding years of Navigators. What an amazing principal you have been, to greet every child and parent by name at the gate each morning! Best wishes for your next adventure. Kylie Malota.

  • All the best for the future Kaye. Thank you for all you’ve done for Navigator College & Port Lincoln! You will be missed by many. Kind regards, Holly & Michael Elton

  • ashlyn vanderwal

    Dear Mrs MC I hope that you have a good time in your new job in Adelaide. Thank you for being our principal, I really enjoyed it and i will miss you so much
    love from
    Ashlyn xx

  • Dear Mrs MC,
    Thank you for the kind environment you have provided for us. Although our religion was different from yours, you still treated us equally and never put us down. The school wouldn’t have reached this level if it weren’t for you. Yes, I am writing this from Sydney, but when I heard about your leave, I felt really sad because Navigator College would never be the same without you.
    All the best for the future,
    Syeda Hussaini

  • Carol-Anne whait

    Dear Kaye, you are truly an inspirational leader, thank you for giving me the opportunity to become part of the Navigator College commnity. It has been such a privilege working with you and getting to know you these last 2 years, I have appreciated and valued your input in my life. I pray God’s very best for you as you embark on a new and exciting journey in Him xx

  • To Mrs.MC,
    Thank you for being an awesome Principal. I will be sad to see you go but I hope you have exciting new experiences in your new job. I love the way you dress and will miss seeing your professional dress style.
    From Hannah????

  • Dear Kaye,
    I consider it an absolute honour and privilege to follow you as the second Principal of Navigator College. I especially appreciate the opportunity to “inherit” the leadership of a place that is an absolute benchmark, best-practice example of what it means to be an authentic Lutheran school in the 21st century. Congratulations on the outstanding job that you have done in bringing the school to this point. I look forward to ongoing close contact and numerous discussions with you as we move forward from this point. May you also be richly blessed in and through your work at LEA.
    With kind regards and special blessings for the future,

  • Dear Mrs MC thank so much for being our principal and teaching us how to overcome our many obstacles in life not just by ourselves but with god.
    from Felicity

  • Rebecca Whillas

    Best wishes for the future Kaye! We have started this year in the ELC and it has been such a positive experience for our family. Your presence at the front of the school each morning greeting the students and parents has always added to the welcoming, community and family feel of the school. By all accounts you will be missed!
    Andrew, Rebecca, Lacey & Della Whillas.

  • Amy Heidenreich


    It has been such an honour to work so closely with you over this last couple of years. You truly are an inspirational woman!! so full of life and love for others, even amongst your busy life you always find time to stop and listen to how others are going. I have loved watching the way you have grown and nurtured this College to be the thriving, loving environment that it has become. We will all really miss having your beautiful smile around the place and I really do wish you all the best with your new position. I know that God has done an amazing work through you with this College and he will continue to do so in your future endeavours.

    Love always Amy xx

  • Thank you so very much Kaye for all you have done for the families at Navigator College and our broader community. As our founding principal you have set such wonderful high standards and expectations for our students, staff and families. We are very proud of being part of Navigator College. You have also personally and professionally demonstrated the qualities of innovation (doing more with less), caring, compassion and service to others as an amazing role model for us and our children. We have been delighted with the quality of education our children are receiving and are confident that we have access to the same quality of education that we would have in a major cities with all the advantages of living in Port Lincoln. Your leadership of our students, staff and college community have grown from strength to strength as our college has grown.
    We wish you every blessing in your new role and know that you will thrive with new challenges.
    Kind Regards Elise & Phil Clem

  • Olivia Eldridge

    Thank you Mrs MC!!! You have been an AMAZING principal! I hope that the next stage in your life will be a great time. Thank you for standing by us when we have ben in our times of need and comfort. it is great to know that we can walk up to you in the school yard and talk to you about anything and everything, even if it isn’t school related.

  • Nola Kennedy Williams

    Dear Kaye, I acknowledge, with deep appreciation, the strong foundations you have helped build as founding Principal of Navigator College. Your willingness to begin on the journey of school planting tells us much about your character; As does the way you have tenaciously persisted and pursued, (so often against the odds), and brought the vision of Navigator College to life. Thank you for your dedication to the vision. Thank you for holding on when all you had to hold on to was assurance that you were not on this journey alone. It has been a privilege to work and grow under your leadership. Thank you for enabling my participation in the Navigator College journey and the opportunity to work alongside such a wonderful cohort of people. It has been an experience beyond my expectations, for which I am grateful. Kaye, I wish you well in your next exciting chapter and know that it will be one of continued personal growth and reward. Take with you great memories of a job well done, the satisfaction of knowing Navigator College will continue to grow and flourish, the appreciation of a community who have valued your giftings, and ongoing relationship with colleagues and friends that make the journey of life a joy. Know that you are loved and appreciated, Nola

  • Dear Kaye
    I have enjoyed our many catch-ups and problem solving sessions! The vision you shared for our teaching and student learning was inspirational. As a teacher, I felt supported along my journey. I wish you all the best in your new role, knowing that we will be ‘hearing from you’ throughout the years!
    God Bless
    Mel Bartel

  • Wow, what an amazing journey you have taken us all on! It has been very exciting to watch the College grow from a patch of dirt into what it is today. You are a truly inspiring leader and it has been a wonderful opportunity to work with you. Congratulations on all you have achieved here at Navigator College and I wish you God’s richest blessing for your future. Michelle xx

  • Mrs.M.C, you will be extremely missed at Navigator College, the school will never be the same without you. You are the life of this school. You have created an amazing and perfect environment for students, teachers and every member of the school to feel at home. No other principal can stand at the gate and name every student as they enter a second home that you have created. Thankyou a lot for a life and career you have helped start for me in the future. Have an amazing time in Adelaide. I know the people there will love your work and personality like we do. Wish You Well and Best Wishes for your new Journey 🙂
    Portia xx

  • All the very best for your next chapter Kaye. Thanks so much for our school!!! The growth in 7 years has been amazing. Both our children love attending our school. Thanks also for the opportunity to join the staff and further be a part of our Navigator community. You will certainly be missed!! (especially at the gate in the mornings!!!)
    Warm regards,
    Sam, Brad, Grace & Tom Riddle

  • Dear Mrs MC,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to succeed in my first teaching job. You have given me great strength and courage to fulfil my calling and I have received amazing care, support and guidance throughout this year and a bit.
    I thank you for your kind words and supportive heart and I wish you every blessing in your new role!

    Emma xx

  • Hi Mrs MC – My involvement with you directly was little more than a hello at the gate on the way into school (this being our 5th Term at the School) however I sat on the sidelines and watched in awe at your dedication to the daily ins and outs of running the school, managing the staff and the fantastic rapport you had with EVERY student who attended. We wish you all the best in the next chapter of your journey and hopefully we see your wonderful dedication shining through with our new principal. All the best.
    Nathan, Julie, Jahva and Makai Fauser. 🙂

  • Kaye,

    Thank you for all that you have done for the college. I, like many others on staff, appreciate being given the opportunity to teach in such a wonderful environment where there is so much scope for professional growth. All the best in the future.

    Marc Eckert

  • Dianne and Michael Hart

    A huge thank you Kaye for the way you have so wonderfully worked at making Navigator College what it is today. You have truly been a blessing to our school, church and the community. We will miss you, and wish you all the best in your new position. God bless. Di and Mick.

  • Hi Mrs MC
    Thankyou so much for being an awesome principle! I will miss seeing your face every morning at the gate. I hope that your next step in life will be awesome!
    Frome Taylah Newman

  • Dear Kaye, Thank you for everything that you mean to Navigator College. What an amazing place to be a part of. We can’t thank you enough for what has been nurtured here for everyone by you and your wonderful team. We wish you, Stuart and your family all the very best in the future. Please know that you are so greatly appreciated by all of us. With best wishes now and always from the Windsor Family; Jennifer, Damian, Braden, Ryan and Isabelle.

  • Dear Kaye, Wishing you all the best for your new adventure. Thank you for your support and friendship over the last 4 years. You will be greatly missed! xx

  • Dearest Kaye,
    Maisy, Liam & I will simply miss you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, hellos at the gate from the 1st day Maisy started at the college, as a reception student & then Liam, let alone your support to us & our family throughout this past year. You are & will remain an inspiration to me & my children. We wish you all the very best for the future and hope to bump into you again one day.
    Bless you & your family Mrs MC.
    Love from Tristan, Maisy & Liam xxxx

  • Dear Kaye,
    Jesse, Brian and I would like to sincerely wish you all the very best and thank you for your incredible commitment to making Navigator College what it is today. Your dedication, desire and belief in providing such a high quality educational environment for both students and staff is impeccable and we have no doubt the College will continue to thrive as a result of the integral fundamentals and values you have instilled. What a benchmark. You will be missed.

  • Dear Kaye
    Congratulations and all the very best for your new exciting adventure. I love your bright and bubbly personality, passion, and amazing leadership qualities – they are like no other. You are truly an amazing woman, thankyou for the opportunity to join the Navigator team, I am so blessed to have met and worked with you. You will be dearly missed but I know you will continue to fly high. Kylie Bascomb xxxooo

  • Ashleigh Friebel

    Words alone do not justify the feelings and emotions right now! Your love and guidance as a beginning teacher is something I will always treasure, but it’s your friendship that has made such a huge imprint on my heart. I have no doubt that you will do amazing things wherever God’s path leads you.
    Love Ash xxxx

  • Elise Watherston


    Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to work in such an amazing school. Thank you for seeing the potential in a random Queenslander’s resume all those years ago! Your guidance, support and care have been so comforting and very appreciated throughout the last 6 years. I (and the Navigator College community) will miss you greatly. I wish you every blessing for your new chapter.

  • Thank you so much for helping to establish such a warm and caring environment for our children to learn and grow in. We will certainly miss you. All the best with your next chapter!

  • Farewell Kaye,
    Your drive and vision to build this school what it is today, and the standard you have set, will continue to give to the Port Lincoln community for decades to come.
    Thankyou, Shane Gassner

  • Isabella Wright

    Dear Mrs MC
    I am currently writing this comment during one of my free lessons as an Immanuel College Year 11 student. I would not be in this position right now if it wasn’t for you. The passion and dedication for that you have shown to for Navigator College over the past 7 years is truly remarkable and inspiring. But what is even more inspiring was the fact that you took the time to get to know every single one of your students, and always wanted to know how they were going. You truly made Navigator College a place for everyone to feel accepted and safe, and to not be afraid to try new things. Everything that I have and will achieve during the final years of my schooling is because of you, and I thank you so so very much for that. I wish you the very best for the chapter in your life, and I am sure it will be utterly amazing.
    Isabella Wright xxx

  • Thank you so so so much for the lovely college community you have fostered to its current state. We’ve had the joy of being welcomed so warmly both from yourself and the wider college staff community. I
    I was especially appreciative to be on the receiving end of some practical support by way of a lovely home made tuna moray provided tby the school to our family when I had a week in hospital. So thank you and I wish you every blessing as you move to the next stage in your life.
    Jade and Shaun Neate

  • Thank you for your guidance and assistance in Hannah’s education. She loves and respects you which shows what a great leader you are, that and the success Navigator College is. Good Luck with your new job I hope you still have some interactions with students because your good with them and a great role model. Good Luck and God Bless. Deb, Greg and Hannah Richardson

  • Dear Mrs M.C
    I would just like to thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for me and everyone else in this school, you have helped set me up for life and I am very grateful for that my Big Sister Brittany Siviour is also very grateful as she is now in university and you helped her get there, you have done amazing things and I strive to be as amazing as you, please remember me as I will remember you and continue to do amazing things
    Aaron Thomas

  • Dear miss mc I will miss you and I hope you have a great time i will remember you thanks for being so great and helping the school become bigger and help pople become more responsible 🙂

  • Dear Mrs. M C
    You have been the best teacher at our school and you will be the best at your new school. We are doing to miss u dearly. I hope I will see later down the track. Lots of wishes Banjo Lawrence:)

  • Jorjahna Farmer

    Dear Mrs MC,
    Thank you for being such a wonderful principal and friend. I really enjoyed having you as a principal and am sure many other students have too.

    Thank you,
    jorjahna farmer

  • Nicholas Kleinig

    Dear Mrs MC

    Ever since i came to this school in year 2 you have been the best principle I’ve every had.You have always been at the gate welcome everyone we will miss you a lot thanks for being such a AWESOME!!!!! Principle
    I will miss you have fun in Adelaide ????????

    From Nicholas

  • Charlize Delaine

    Thank you Mrs MC for being a very wonderful principle I wish you the best and hope you have the best time and we are going to miss you.

    Thank you from Charlize

  • Thank you Mrs MC.
    You have been such a good principle to all of your students, and you have looked out for one another.
    We will all miss you with all our LOVE❤️❤️
    Regards Eliza ????

  • Thank Mrs. M.C so much for making this school my absolute favourite school every day I wake up I’m exited to go to this school and be greeted with your kind hart. I will miss you so bad but want you to not be to sad and have fun making another school as good as ours. Thank you so much for being an awesome principle.❤️????????????????

  • You have been a good principal for the first year of me being in this school from Jake. God bless you and goodbye

  • Stella Cozamanis

    Dear Mrs MC
    I hope you all the best at your new job. And where ever you go from here I hope they know how lucky they are to have you. You where my first principle and I can tell you now no one can replace you. You are the bestest principle ever THANK YOU.

  • I will always love you I hope you remember us for ever and always. Good bye I will miss, hope you have fun.;)

  • Hi Mrs MC!, I pretty much only ever spoke to you at the gate, but that’s enough for me to know you have something special about you, an X factor! I will miss the fashion and Paddy will miss his handshakes, but most all we will miss your presence. Best wishes for the future. Melissa Monks

  • Dear Kaye, our sincere thanks for facilitating four years of wonderful schooling for our children and the opportunity for us all to feel part of Navigator College. You are a true leader and an inspiration to all who meet you. Thank you for being there at the school gate every morning regardless of the massive demands of your role. We wish you every success in the future. May God bless you and keep you. Esther and Mike, Tasmania

  • Uta Enneking-McQuillan

    Dear Kaye
    when I started at Navigator College as a volunteer six years ago I certainly did not envisage what the school would be like today.
    For years I watched and was stunned. I have come across driven and ambitious people in my life, done courageous things myself, however I learned from you what it is like to have a vision and to work on it with a high degree of professionalism. The school has taught me what it means to work in a professional environment, in a highly motivated team, with an open door policy principal and God’s blessing. I was always proud to have a female leader who surprised me with her open minded attitude, her creative thinking and warmth. I was given the chance to grow professionally and spiritually at Navigator College, an experience I am immensely thankful for. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and I am sure you will always have a soft spot for us in your heart as we will have one for you in ours.
    Thank you,
    Uta Enneking-McQuillan

  • Annette Kurovec

    Thank you Kaye for putting your trust in me. I wish you all the best in your new role and the years ahead. God Bless. Annette

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