Exhibition Year 5 Update

The Exhibition is in full swing and the students are getting to grips with their concept questions which drive their inquiry. As we are in Week 4 now they have had several meetings with their mentors and are accessing a variety of information form primary and secondary sources. Several groups have already had field trips or invited in guest speakers to get first hand evidence and information to answer their questions. Many have chosen local organisations which are able to help support and assist people such as Royal Flying Doctors, Salvation Army, Centre Care and the CFS. We have also been lucky enough to have an ‘on sight’ expert for our creative task in the form of Janet Raleigh, one of our LSOs. She is an amazing artist and gave the students a great insight as to how to use sculpture and photography, video and audio to present images and artwork from a range of perspectives. We are looking forward to seeing our students’ creativity on presentation night on August 27th as well as finding out just where their inquiry into how others are assisted and helped through organisations, has taken them.