End Of Year Service Awards – Senior School

The Senior School End of Year Service was held on Thursday the 23rdof November in the Mangiri Centre at Navigator College. Congratulations to all the award Recipients and the Graduating Class of 2018.

We were pleased to announce at the EOYS our new student leaders for 2019.  Congratulations to all the candidates for both the Year 11 Prefects and Year 12 College Captains, they were of an exceptionally high quality.

 11 Prefects for 2019:

  • Matthias Farmer
  • Taylah Newman
  • Portia Clem
  • Amelia Baldock

Year 12 College Captains for 2019:

  • Benjamin James
  • Mitchell Jude
  • Claire Window
  • Leanna Santostefano

House Awards:

Hadley – Claire Window
Hipparchus – Hailey Munckton
Galileo – Hannah Richardson
Magellan –Isabella Blackshaw

Sports Achiever Award
Nalia Boud

Year 10 Encouragement Award:
Amelia Baldock

Year 10 Service Awards:
Matthias Farmer

Year 11 Encouragement Award:
Samara Turner

Year 11 Service Awards:
Benjamin James

Year 12 Subject Awards

  • Biology Madelyn Zacher
  • Chemistry Georgina Gaston
  • English Rachelle Hannemann
  • English Literary Studies Laura Zacher
  • Food and Hospitality Eden Smith
  • General Mathematics Rachelle Hannemann
  • Mathematical Methods Madelyn Zacher
  • Modern History Laura Zacher
  • Music Rachelle Hannemann
  • Physical Education Nicholas Cooper
  • Physics Madelyn Zacher
  • Psychology Nicholas Cooper
  • Research Project Laura Zacher
  • Specialist Mathematics Madelyn Zacher
  • Visual Arts Laura Zacher
  • Workplace Practices Jazlyn Miller
  • VET Award Emma Turner

Year 12 Principal’s Award:
Laura Zacher

Year 12 Service Award: Rotary Award
Rachelle Hannemann

Lutheran Women’s Award
Claire Window

Eyre Trading Award:
Jonah Fatchen

Community Service Award – Port Lincoln City Council
Isabella Blackshaw

Order of Australia Award (OAM)
Samantha Veitch

Rowan Ramsey Award:
Marc Dickie

LESNW – Years of Service
Chris Jantke (20 years service)
Liz Smith (10 Years Service)

Year 12 Graduates

  • Callan Averay
  • Tristan Binder
  • Hannah Burns
  • Ania Constantinopoulos
  • Nicholas Cooper
  • Jared Dodd
  • Rachelle Hannemann
  • Jamie MacFarlane
  • Stephen McFarlane
  • Mia Meyer
  • Jazlyn Miller
  • Kyron Miller
  • Luke Mundy
  • Shanley O’Brien
  • James Regan
  • Miriam Santic
  • Sophie Versteeg
  • Lachlan Warhurst
  • Jayden Whittle
  • Laura Zacher
  • Madelyn Zacher




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