Visual Art

At Navigator College, Middle School Visual Arts is an imaginative engagement with visual and material skills and technologies.  Visual art is interpreted as a way of designing and making thinking visible. Ideas are manifested in 2, 3 or 4 dimensions by constructing artworks and engaging visually, creatively and cognitively with a multi-modal visual world.

Visual Arts at Navigator College includes objects and images, designed environments and graphic communications, and inter-textual combinations of these. Inquiry into artists and artistic movements are an integral part of Visual Arts in addition to skills and attitudes towards visual art works.

Where possible students are given opportunities to meet and work with living artists from a variety of cultures. They attend art exhibits as well as experiencing reproductions. Students display their work in both informal and formal settings because an awareness of the audience is a skill that can be learned only through practical application.

Navigator College will adopt the strands outlined in the Australian Curriculum – Arts:

Generating: (by artist/s) using the elements of the art form to imagine and design artwork from an expressive or imaginative impulse, an idea, an intention or a stimulus.

Realizing: (by artist/s to communicate to audiences) managing with imagination the materials, instruments and media of the art form, to communicate artwork for audiences to experience.

Responding: (by audiences, including the artist/s themselves and others) the two complementary processes of apprehending and comprehending artwork.