Health & Physical Education

Studies in Health and Physical Education encompass a broad spectrum of knowledge relating to the wellbeing, health, behaviour, skills and dispositions, and physical, social and emotional development of individuals and members of communities.
At Navigator College Health is concerned with the ongoing development and growth of the individual within respect to feelings, beliefs and behaviours, and how they interrelate. It also considers the interaction of the individual within the family, school, community, society and the world at large.
We also acknowledge and support that Physical Education has an important role to play in various aspects of human development: physical, social, personal and emotional. Physical Education develops these aspects by giving students the opportunity to learn about movement and through movement. Students experience a wide variety of physical activities to help develop their movement skills. Through these activities, they can increase their confidence and cooperative skills. They develop an understanding of the role of physical activity in a healthy lifestyle in order to make informed choices, and the cultural significance of physical activities for communities and individuals.
This curriculum area is organised around three strands that are developed progressively across the bands of schooling.  These are:
• Physical activity and participation
• Personal and social development
• Health of individuals and communities

Outdoor Education also forms a component of Health and Physical Education.