At Navigator College, Drama is a collaborative performing art where participants agree to imagine and actively construct a world which is known as the dramatic context. The central activity is live enactment: participants stepping into an imagined world to represent and bring to life the dramatic context.

Drama performance occurs in the class, College and community contexts and becomes theatre when it is acted by participants for an audience other than themselves.

The Navigator College Drama program integrates spoken, physical, emotional, visual and aural dimensions and sign systems in order to create symbolic meanings through the primary instruments of the human body, voice and language. Other design elements, media and technologies are explored as part of Drama to enhance the communication for the audience.

Where possible students are given opportunities to meet and work with living artists from a variety of cultures. They attend live performances. Students perform in both informal and formal settings because an awareness of the audience is a skill that can be learned only through practical application.

Navigator College Middle School will adopt the strands outlined in the Australian Curriculum: Arts:

Generating: (by artist/s) using the elements of the art form to imagine and design artwork from an expressive or imaginative impulse, an idea, an intention or a stimulus.

Realizing: (by artist/s to communicate to audiences) managing with imagination the materials, instruments and media of the art form, to communicate artwork for audiences to experience.

Responding: (by audiences, including the artist/s themselves and others) the two complementary processes of apprehending and comprehending artwork.