Christian Studies

Christian Studies as a discipline of learning introduces students to the world of religion and spirituality, which are integral components of the fabrics of all cultures.
Christian Studies is a Key Learning Area (KLA) in the curriculum structure of a Lutheran school. It is an essential part of the Christian education program which is the total life of the school.
All students participate in Christian Studies although they may have different faith and spiritual backgrounds. This diversity has implications for the construction of programs and what can and cannot be taken for granted in levels of biblical literacy, motivation or interest. Faith responses or commitment to Christ are not a general expectation of the formal curriculum, though there are areas of the broader framework of Christian education where these can be actively nurtured and expressed.
Christian Studies provides a safe and supportive context in which students can reflect on their experiences of the world and on their own beliefs and spirituality as they attempt to make sense of their rapidly changing and complex global environment, and as they develop their identity as individuals. They do this on the basis of their study of Christianity and their increasing awareness of how the Christian faith relates to all aspects of existence.
Each year level in the Middle Schol teach a unit based on each strand of the Lutheran Education Christian Studies Curriculum Framework with additional emphasis placed on Christian celebrations as they occur.
The four strands are:
Christianity in the World
Christian Beliefs
Christian Living
Christian Church