Social Studies

Social Studies education aims to enable students to participate in a changing society as informed, confident and responsible citizens.
(Social Studies in the New Zealand Curriculum, Ministry of Education (1997))

Social Studies is viewed as the study of people in relation to their past, present and their future, their environment and their society. Through social studies students can gain understanding of their personal and cultural identities. They develop the skills and knowledge needed to participate actively in their classroom, their school, their community and the world.

The aim of Social Studies is to promote intercultural understanding and respect for other individuals, their values and their traditions, therefore reducing prejudice and discrimination. All Social Studies is taught within the context of units of inquiry.
In the PYP Social Studies is organised into five strands:
Human Systems and Economic Activities
Social Organization and Culture
 Continuity and Change through Time
 Human and Natural Environments
 Resources and the Environment.

Social Studies at Navigator College is also informed by the Australian Curriculum History 1.1 strands:
Historical Knowledge and Understanding
Historical Skills