Language is a medium of inquiry and the Language of Instruction at Navigator College is English. In an inquiry-based PYP classroom, everyone appreciates both the aesthetic and functional uses of language. Language is fundamental to learning and permeates the entire Primary Years Programme (PYP). By learning language as well as learning about and through language, we nurture an appreciation of the richness of language and a love of literature.
English has a significant role in the development of literacy at Navigator College. This is particularly so in the Early Years where the explicit teaching of literacy provides a foundation for, and is virtually inseparable from, students’s learning about texts and language. Equally, literacy development is a vital aspect of learning across the curriculum and needs to be taught in all Learning Areas. The explicit description of literacy skills in English is a reference point and resource for the teaching of literacy in all Learning Areas.
The PYP divides the learning of English as the Language of Instruction into three strands:
Oral Language – listening and speaking
Visual Language – viewing and presenting
Written Language – reading and writing