Our Curriculum

Navigator College’s curriculum has elements that are consistent across Junior, Middle and Senior school as well as having features that are distinct for each school.

Consistent elements of the Navigator College curriculum include that our curriculum:

  • Aims to be concept-driven and  transdisciplinary in nature, (see below);
  • Incorporates the Key Learning Areas;
  • Aims to build on prior learning and experiences and incorporates planned sequential development of skills;
  • Considers the specific learning required of each associated key learning area;
  • Encourages and includes a range of purposeful contexts and links between school experiences, home and the wider school community;
  • Uses a variety of ICTs and resources, including people, from within the school and the wider community;
  • Incorporates inquiry learning;
  • Involves ongoing assessment and evaluation.

For further information about the curriculum offered in each school please continue through the following pages:

“Navigator College has been my most rewarding teaching experiences I have had in my many years of teaching.  I Feel cared for, valued, appreciated and supported by all staff and I am honoured to be a part of the team at Navigator.  I have been challenged both professionally and continue to be inspired by the supportive and welcoming environment this School creates for all learners” – Miss Pam Treasure, Year 2/3 Teacher