Business, Enterprise and Technology – Stage 1 Business and Enterprise

Staff contact
James Phillips


Assumed knowledge or Required/recommended background



SACE Credits/Course Length

10 Credits (20 weeks)


Course outline

Stage 1 Business and Enterprise is designed to prepare learners with the necessary foundation for pursuit of Stage 2 Business and Enterprise. The learners will gain a broad perspective of business and is suited to those learners who desire to either run their own business, or embark on a business pathway at tertiary level.


Course content

The topics studied in Stage 1 Business and Enterprise are Introduction to Business and Enterprise, Employment Relations, and Business Management and Communication. In completing these topics, the learners are presented the opportunity to pragmatically apply their knowledge by preparing documents for the corporate sector as the intended audience.



Folio Task (40% weighting): Three tasks

Practical (20% weighting): One task

Issues Study (40% weighting): One task