Business, Enterprise and Technology – Stage 2 Business and Enterprise

Staff contact
James Phillips


Assumed knowledge or Required/recommended background

Stage 1 Business and Enterprise is highly recommended


Course outline

Stage 2 Business and Enterprise is designed to build on the skills and knowledge gained in Stage 1 Business and Enterprise. This course is designed to extend the learners understanding of marketing, and develop new concepts including business management, human resource management, and the law.


Course content

The topics studied in Stage 2 Business and Enterprise are People, Business and Work, and Business and Marketing. As such, the learners are provided the opportunity to demonstrate their learning via a range of tasks applicable to a corporate environment.



Folio Task (30% weighting): Four tasks

Practical (20% weighting): One task

Issues Study (20% weighting): One task

External Investigation (Situation Analysis)(30% weighting): One task