The safety of our children in the bushfire danger season is our first priority.

As Navigator College has been assessed as a high-risk school, it will close on days when the fire danger index is forecast at Catastrophic (Code Red) level. On these days Navigator College will activate the Bushfire Action Plan. A copy of the Bushfire Action Plan, for your reference, can be requested from the front office.

This means that Navigator College will CLOSE when the bushfire weather is forecast at Catastrophic (Code Red) level.

How will you know when Navigator College is to be closed?
A CONFIRMATION of the closure will be provided via SMS Message ONLY to the mobile phone of the primary parent/caregiver of each student. This will occur on the day/evening before the ‘Code Red Day’ is announced (following CFS advice) or on the morning of the Catastrophic day.

If the ‘Code Red Day’ is advised on the day, while the students are at Navigator College, or a fire of any description is detected within school hours please DO NOT attempt to collect your child, as the College will have in place a very well executed Bushfire Action Plan, making it the safest place at this time for your child to be situated.

Travelling during a bushfire can also be very dangerous so school buses will NOT run if Navigator College has been closed due to bushfire risk during the day, you will need to make arrangements to collect your child from school, once the immediate risk has ceased. In the meantime your child will be supervised by members of staff at the College.

Act now – prepare for school and preschool closures!
We understand that school closures may be inconvenient for some families but I am sure you will appreciate that the risk of bushfire is a serious issue for our community and the safety of our children is the most important.

Visit the CFS website to ensure you are ready! http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/prepare_for_bushfire/know_your_risk/bushfire_survival_plan.jsp

Thank you for your attention and for being Bushfire Aware.