Bottles and Cans Needed

The royal flying doctor service group Anika, ┬áKain, Kye, Lachlan and Chloe from the Year 5 Exhibition need bottles and cans. Our central idea is ‘We can serve and assist others through organisations’. They are going to be giving these bottles and cans to the recycling centre and from these bottles and cans they will get 10c each bottle. They will be collecting this money and donating the money to the royal flying doctor service. If you would like to drop off cans and bottles we will be doing this all week 5 of term 3 ( this term). You can put these bottles and cans in the boxes near Japanese room (near oval) or you can take these to the recycling centre and put them under NAVIGATOR COLLEGE- RFDS.

GLASS is allowed to be brought to school BUT we are asking parents to help keep the school safe and take the bottles directly to the school drop off point near the Japanese room.

The RFDS started in 1928 and it’s been giving service for 85 years
The RFDS saves about 50,000 patients a year!!!
Did you know every 2 minutes the RFDS is saving someone they could be saving someone right now!!

Thank you for the bottles and cans they will help our learning.
Chloe, Anika, Kain, Kye and Lachlan the royal flying doctor service group.

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