Book Week
20th – 24th August
Find your treasure…

Friday 17th August
Name of ship and flag design announced.
Sign up for Balloon Sculpting – R-4 and 5-12. Sign up in Resource Centre at lunch time.

Monday 20th August
Balloon Sculpting 5-12
Maker Space in the Resource Centre

Tuesday 21st August
Balloon Sculpting R-4
Maker Space in the Resource Centre

Wednesday 22nd August
Maker Space in the Resource Centre.

Thursday 23rd August
Staff and Student Dress up day
For those who are interested in taking part, come dressed as a character you treasure or a pirate. Wear their hat. Carry their favourite object. The purpose of the dress up is to celebrate the amazing work of authors and illustrators who bring our favourite characters to life. For those who choose not to dress up, you are encouraged to bring or borrow the book you treasure to share.

Every day the Resource Centre will be open at lunch time so people can enjoy reading aboard the ship!

Stay tuned for more details….