Arts – Stage 1 Music

Staff Contact

Jo Panizzolo


SACE Credits/Course Length

10 Credits per Semester (20 weeks).  Students may study both Semester 1 and 2 as the courses cover different content.

Students are able to enrol in Stage 1 — Music Experience Program and Stage 1 — Music Advanced Program. These programs encourage the sequential development of musical skills and knowledge.


Required Background

Successful completion of either Year 10 Music A or Music B.  It is strongly recommended that students have instrumental tuition on an instrument or voice.


Course Outline

The Music Experience Program is designed for students whose experience in, or knowledge of, some aspects of music may be limited. It provided pathways to selected Stage 2 subjects, such as Ensemble Performance, Music Individual Study, and/or Solo Performance.

The Music Advanced Program is designed for students who have a substantial background in music. They provide pathways to the full range of Stage 2 subjects such as Musicianship, Musical Styles, Composing and Arranging, Performance Special Study, Solo Performance, Ensemble Performance and Music Individual Study.



The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 1 Music:

Assessment Type 1: Skills Presentation

Suitable assessments include, for example:

  • performing as a soloist or as a member of an ensemble
  • arranging and/or composing and/or improvising
  • presenting a workshop
  • giving an oral and/or multimedia presentation.

Assessment Type 2: Skills Development

  • theory testing
  • aural testing
  • aural recognition/identification.

Assessment Type 3: Folio

  • report
  • analysis
  • arrangement
  • composition
  • setting up a sound reinforcement system
  • audio mixing
  • recording