Senior School Teachers

  • Hannah Eckert

    Middle School Teacher
    "Navigator College is a place where I can be inspired and inspire others in our journey as life long learners."
  • Mr Chris Jantke

    "I feel privileged to be working in such a caring and committed community which is devoted to the whole well-being and learning needs of our students."
  • Greg Maxfield

    Teacher/ Head of Physical Education
    "I enjoy working in an environment that promotes positive interactions between staff and students.  I strive to build positive relationships within our community to help the social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of all students."
  • Fluer Slater

    Arts Faculty Head
    "I am excited by the sense of purpose that staff have at Navigator College where we aim to support our students to achieve their best"
  • James Phillips

    ICT, College Timetable and Careers Coordinator
    "I am excited to work with our future leaders in such an inspiring environment and I am passionate about developing them as self-governing citizens!"
  • Judith Hickey

    Senior School Teacher
    “The friendly and positive nature of the Navigator community inspires me to be a better person and teacher. It is a privilege to share in the learning journeys of so many young people in this dynamic school."
  • David Hickey

    Middle/Senior School Teacher
  • Nathan Wohling

    SACE Coordinator
    "I love how progressive the school is. Any good idea is able to be explored and therefore creates an energetic environment"
  • Sonia Ford

    Senior School Teacher
    " Navigator College is a vibrant and enthused place to work, where the power to inquire drives self directed learning"
  • Melissa Fiacchi

    Middle/Senior School Teacher
  • Nola Kennedy Williams

    SACE Psychology Teacher / MYP Coordinator
  • Jo Panizzolo

    Middel/Senior School Music Teacher

    " I love the opportunity Navigator College gives me to share my passion with students, to grow and nurture an engaging and amazing curriculum."

  • Chris Scott

    Senior School Teacher
  • Kellie Grace

    Senior School Teacher
  • Peter Fraser

    Middle/Senior School Teacher
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 “As a parent of 2 students attending Navigator College, we are very pleased and know that we have made the right decision.  Our children are so calm and really enjoy their learning.  The atmosphere in the College grounds is a happy and caring environment, and the modern technology is being utilized within all the classrooms.  The teachers and support staff are wonderful people, who obviously really enjoy their profession and being employed at our College” – Doug & Kathryn Doudle, Parents