Junior School Teachers

  • Stephen Jude

    "Navigator College is such an inspiring and engaging place to be.  I love coming to work each day and being part of shaping students lives"
  • Ms Emma Miegel

    Junior School Teacher
    "I am so excited to work within the community at Navigator College, and to walk alongside students as they discover more about themselves and the world around them. Having the opportunity to do so in a vibrant and spirit-filled environment is a true blessing and privilege."
  • Marc Eckert

    Junior School Teacher
    "Navigator College has a positive feel throughout the school.  It's great to work in a place where there is such a strong sense of community"
  • Tania Masters

    Junior School Teacher
    "Empowering students to be the people they are is something I hold in the highest esteem.  Teaching at Navigator College supports me to do just that through working with inspirational like-minded people under the banner of God's love"
  • Mr Alexander Haynes

    Junior School Teacher
    "I am so blessed to teach in a school that inspires their students to use their God given talents, to be the best life long learners possible. I am honoured to be a part of the students learning journey"
  • Sarah Stobart

    Junior School Teacher
    "Navigator College is God's place where everyone  feels a part of His family, it is great to feel appreciated and enjoy coming to work each day"
  • Mrs Angela Schubert

    Junior School Music Teacher
  • Amanda Martin

    Junior School Teacher
  • Fiona Parenta

    Japanese Teacher
    "I love that I am actively being a life long learner alongside our students in such a supportive environment.  Working here brings so many amazing opportunities!"
  • Stacey Modra

    Junior School Teacher
    "What a privilege it is to be teaching at Navigator College, where we strive to create active and passionate lifelong learners. Being part of such a positive and inspiring community is truly rewarding."
  • Elise Watherston

    Junior School Teacher
    "As a teacher at Navigator College, I feel so privileged to be sharing in the amazing learning journey with my students and their parents ".
  • Mrs Lyn Coote

    PYP Coordinator
  • Amanda Scott

    Junior School Teacher
  • Belinda Ryan

    Junior School Teacher
  • Jane Price

    Junior School Teacher
  • Rhianna Whenan

    Junior School Teacher
  • Samantha Anderson

    Junior School Teacher
  • Samantha Hickman

    Junior School Teacher
  • Vicki Mollison

    Junior School Teacher
  • Kirrilee Foster

    Junior School Teacher
    "I love being here at Navigator College surrounded by high calibre professionals. It is such a privilege to be working alongside our students whilst we all inquire into the amazing world that we live in!"
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 “As a parent of 2 students attending Navigator College, we are very pleased and know that we have made the right decision.  Our children are so calm and really enjoy their learning.  The atmosphere in the College grounds is a happy and caring environment, and the modern technology is being utilized within all the classrooms.  The teachers and support staff are wonderful people, who obviously really enjoy their profession and being employed at our College” – Doug & Kathryn Doudle, Parents