Principal Welcome

Welcome to Navigator College! We are part of an extensive network of Lutheran schools across Australia, which were first established in association with the settlement of our state. There are now more than one hundred Lutheran Education sites of learning in Australia.

Navigator College has rapidly emerged as a high quality provider of main-stream Christian Education. Having made the decision to build our learning platform around the International Baccalaureate (IB), the stringent approval processes and accountability requirements of the IB, guarantee that a world-class education is available right here on Eyre Peninsula. Navigator is the only South Australian provider of both the PYP and MYP programmes North and West of Adelaide.

A central part of our vision is a commitment to make learning an enjoyable experience for young people. We want to make it enjoyable to the extent that the natural response is to WANT to learn more and more.

In recent years my work in Lutheran Education in Australia has meant that I have made around 600 visits to more than 70 Lutheran schools in seven states/territories. I can therefore say with a fair degree of authority that Navigator College stands out as one of the benchmark examples of a highly functioning Lutheran school, which is built around a deeply committed caring Christian community.

Hopefully the information available on our website will provide you with a snapshot of what our school has to offer. We would however much prefer to meet face to face rather than electronically. We’d like you to experience first-hand, the dynamic and vibrant nature of Navigator College.

Finally, in the “I”-world that we live in today, for many, it seems that the most important consideration is to look after self. “As long as I am OK, don’t worry about anyone else”. We, at Navigator College, aim to turn that thinking upside down. Our Community works hard to instil in young people a re-shaped instinct, whereby our first thought is for OTHER. ‘Is the person next to me OK?’ ‘Are the people who cross paths with us OK?’ We have a critical role to play, in order to equip our graduates with the skills, attitudes and a deep sense of commitment to wanting to make the world a better place.

We invite you to consider a Navigator education experience.

Neville Grieger


ANNUAL REPORT 2016 Navigator College