Mission and Values

The Mission and Vision Statement of Navigator College:

a place of faith and learning in which students are inspired and equipped to live as active contributors in the community.

Group of studentsNavigator College therefore aims to develop relationships, programs and structures that support members of its community to live as people….

who are Learning Centred

by creating an environment where students have a passion to explore, discover and   analyse their world so that they might live in and serve their community as lifelong    learners.

who are Spirit Sensitive

by respecting the personal faith journeys of students so that they are encouraged to examine and express their spirituality and be opened to the work of the Holy Spirit and the gift of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.

who are Planet Conscious

by developing an awareness of our responsibility as caretakers of the created world so that students will have genuine concern for, and be responsive to the well being of the world.

with a Conscience

by encouraging active service and a compassionate heart for the social needs and injustices of the world so that students learn to be supporters and advocates who act with courage for the sake of others.

with a Heart

by caring for the social, psychological and emotional well-being of the students so that each individual can reach their potential.

with a Heritage

by acknowledging our Indigenous and non-Indigenous origins, learning about our family, national and religious heritage and the background to international relationships so that students can grow in and live as members of a community that celebrates heritage and history.

“I can honestly say that being a member of the Navigator College staff, is not only rewarding in job satisfaction, but also, on a personal note, I find it the most rewarding by playing a part in our Mission and Vision statement –  ‘a place of faith and learning in which students are inspired and equipped to live as active contributors in the community’.  It is a privilege to influence the student’s futures and I look forward to seeing them pass on the Navigator College legacy to others, as they travel in their life journey.  It is with much pride I reply…’ I work at Navigator College’.” ~ Di Moseby, Principals Assistant