Navigator College, aptly named with the motto ‘Directions for life’ has as its logo, a cross with outward pointing arms reaching out like a compass, to incorporate the concept that ‘Christ is our Navigator and guide through life.’ The symbol of the Southern Cross links our Australian heritage and its use as a navigational tool.


The logo is built around the concept of location. As the College is located in Port Lincoln, South Australia it has a strong link to the areas’ dependence on local industry of both land and sea. The blue communicates Port Lincoln’s link to the sea and local industry, whilst the deep yellow works to show land, growth and life.

The use of the wave as part of the additional graphics further enhances our link to local industry and the College’s location near the water.

“You can see it in the students’ smiles, there’s just something special about this place!” ~ Miss Gemma Lienert – Teacher Year 4/5