Each year the College embarks on building projects to maintain our high standard of facilities and to better equip the students for their future learning.

After building each year from its beginning, Navigator College now boasts more than twenty seven classrooms with some converting to more, smaller teaching areas, a Music Centre, Science Lab, Art / Design, PE, Hospitality and Technology classrooms, and a Multi-Purpose space in the Resource Centre, housing an additional IT Suite and Library. In addition, in 2014 the College completed a new Senior Secondary and Administration building, with state of the art teaching and learning spaces, well suited to Senior School study. In February of 2015 we finished construction of the Trade Skills Centre in Allied Health, complete with a hospital room, Child Care Centre and a Hospitality suite, along with the Early Learning Centre (Kindergarten).

In the 2018 construction will finish on the Mangiri  ‘Health and Well Being Centre’ (including a 2 court stadium).